Sunday, September 23, 2012

Borax and Hydrogen peroxide solution for mange

I would like to share to you my personal experience when one of my dog suffered from mange. At first, I followed what the common suggestions for treatment. From changing diet, applying topical creams, shampoos and anti mange soaps but all those didn't help and the condition just got worse.

So, realizing my knowledge and capacity to deal with it by my own isn't enough, so I decided to consult a veterinarian. That time, I was already giving a hypoallergenic dog food (Vitality) but the vet instructed me to change it to a "veterinary diet" type they have which is really expensive, together with a bunch of supplements, soaps, shampoo and ivermectin shots... months have passed but I didn't see great improvement considering I am spending a lot for the treatment.

I felt the treatment is really not working, I decided to go to another vet and ask for a second opinion, it took me to the same shebang, new sets of shampoo and soap combination, more shots, and now medicated bath of Amitraz were performed.

The Ivermectin shots really bothered me, I'm worried that my dog's health especially the liver gets compromised in return. Still, I followed the program they gave but I made more effort in asking around forums and researching, this time on a more natural treatment. This is when I came across the Borax and Hydrogen peroxide solution.

This made wonders to my dog's condition. I've seen great improvement on the very first week of application!

So let's start,

It's pretty simple, what you need is Borax powder, Hydrogen peroxide, water, sponge (for application) and a bucket.

I was able to buy Borax powder in a chemical store located somewhere in divisoria. It is used in making detergent soaps and cleaning agents. Note that Borax powder is different from Boric Acid.

I used this Hydrogen peroxide readily available in supermarkets or drug stores. This one is 500ml "10 volumes" concentration which is equal to 3% concentration.

First, we need to make 1% Hydrogen Peroxide solution from the 3% solution shown above. To do this, just mix 1 part of the 3% solution to 2 parts water. This will give us roughly over 1%.

After having the 1% Hydrogen peroxide solution, simply dissolve the Borax powder in it until the solution reaches a saturated state. You will know you have a saturated solution of borax and hydrogen peroxide when the borax no longer dissolve and creates a precipitate at the bottom. What I do is add 4-5 spoon full of borax and stir continuously while adding 1 scoop from time to time. Leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes then stir again to make sure the solution is really saturated.

Application :

Applying the Borax/hydrogen peroxide solution is like doing a medicated dip/bath. What I do is bath the dog using medicated soap and shampoo then rinse. Leave the dog for maybe 10 minutes and let him shake off some water on the coat. After that, I use a sponge to apply the solution on the dog. Make sure you cover the entire body including the feet, tail, armpits, toes and other hard to reach areas. Leave it on the dog and DO NOT RINSE. Repeat the process every 2 or 3 days.

If you have some solution left, you can apply it on the dog's cage specially the matting to kill the mites nested in it.

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