Friday, September 21, 2012

A Tribute to a Champion...

Philippine Bully Champion Bruno Rhino.

If you are a real bully fan in the Philippines and attended some bully dog show events, you'd definitely heard of the bad boy Bruno of the Natelac / FBI bullies Kennel.

Loved and trained by his owners/friend Mr. Nate and Angela Lacanilao, together, this couple got this bully up there to make his mark in the Philippine bully scene. Brandishing his heavy muscular frame and huge head while he gait across the ring, Bruno never ceases to amaze the judges and spectators. Witnessing this boy stack, you'll automatically know how disciplined and trained he is, it seems he's really born to be there among the best bullies in the country competing.

Bruno awarded Best Male in show
with Nate and Angela. 8/14/11
Bruno and Nate had a very special bond between them, they are best friends, a family. I once remember him (Nate) saying something like "parang anak na talaga ang turing namin sa kanya" ( He is like a son to us) so the passing of the champ shocked not only his family and club members but the entire Philippine bully community in general. 

Bruno Rhino died of cardiac arrest at the age of 2 1/2 years old. It was a huge loss to everybody due to the fact that he was in his peak when the tragedy happened. Nevertheless, the champ still managed to leave behind a good potential lineup of productions where some as young as 3 months old already showing impressive performance in competitions. One of which is FBI Ms. Full tank winning best extreme bully pup at the MPK's Post Valentine Dog show held last February 2012 at Tiendesitas Frontera Verde Pasig. Evidently, this goes to show that not only Bruno made an outstanding performance in shows, but had proven himself to be a good producer of real bullies as well.

Ch. Bruno Rhino
Ch. Bruno Rhino with Nate
Ch. Bruno and Angela

Together Forever...
In Heart, in Mind and in Flesh!
(by: Emao Clemen - P&P Tattoo)

Ch.Bruno Rhino 
10/27/2009- 5/18/2012

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